The support library 23.2.0 introduced a couple of classes to create BottomSheets, so I figured out we should have an easy way to setup a simple BottomSheet with some options.

You can get BottomSheetBuilder on:

To inflate a View with a BottomSheetBehavior inside a CoordinatorLayout:

View bottomSheet = new BottomSheetBuilder(context,coordinatorLayout)

The menu resource is used for the grid of options.

The previous code creates a BottomSheet similar to this screen:

To create a BottomSheetDialog with a custom style:

BottomSheetDialog dialog = new BottomSheetBuilder(context,

And the result is something like this:

I recommend the BottomSheetDialog over the inflated view if you want a simple list of options. The dialog gives more focus to them since it darkens the background.